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Love, Faith, and compost...

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Gardening with Soul is a feature length documentary following a year in the garden with 90-year-old Sister Loyola Galvin. Sister Loyola’s optimism is infectious and it’s fed every day by her love of gardening. Themes of faith, aging and compassion sit alongside the practicalities of community life, issues within the Catholic Church and the importance of good compost in this intimate, funny and moving portrait of a woman approaching the end of her life.

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"Sister Loyola is a wonderful, charming woman who, in this documentary, discusses her life as a nun and her love of gardening. In her conversation she talks about her family and their reaction to her decision to become a nun. She reveals her strong opinions about the church and its issues. We meet the people she interacts with now and some of those from the past, and we hear her feelings about the young children she has met.


The Sister is an inspirational woman who displays her love, faith and beliefs to the world around her. She has deep thoughts about how important it is to have God in one’s life. This story is one of encouragement from a woman who has shown throughout her 90 years all her faith, love and hard work.


We are proud to award this documentary with the Dove “Faith-Friendly” Seal for ages 12+."

“What a film!....I’ve never seen anything so warm-hearted or inspiring in my life…
You will not have a better time at the cinema this year”

Graeme Tuckett - Radio NZ National

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Hosting a screening is fun, easy and we’ll help you every step of the way. We also provide everything you need to ensure it will be a success!


Our partners at Tugg give you the power to bring Gardening with Soul to your favorite movie theater!  The process is simple: pick a date, pick a theatre, and enlist your audience to meet the RSVP threshold online before the deadline.  


If enough reservations are made, the screening happens.  You can use the event as a fundraiser and even host a panel discussion right in the theatre.  


Fill out the Event Request Form to pick thefilm, date, time, and place for your screening.



The theater approves the request, and you can begin selling tickets on your personalized Event Page.


Sell enough tickets before the event deadline to confirm your screening. If you don’t meet this “Threshold,” no one will be charged and your event will be called off.


Sit back and enjoy the movie with your community! You’ll make 5% of the ticket sales.

There’s something really special about bringing your community together for a night of inspirational 

entertainment. We are passionate about promoting what’s going RIGHT in the world and are so proud to offer content that encourages insight, reflection and growth.


Just fill out the form below and someone from our team will contact you.


How long is the movie Gardening with Soul?

1 hour, 40 min.


Is the film rated?

We are not formally rated, however the film fits into the G category based on the MPAA rating system.


How do we publicize our screening?

You'll receive our HOST A SCREENING KIT where you’ll find sample emails, Facebook posts, press releases, tips and all the info you’ll need to successfully promote your screening. We’ll also send you posters and postcards that you can customize for your event.


Can I screen Gardening with Soul more than once?

Of course! You can promote Gardening with Soul in the movie theater as many times as you want!


I’ve still got a few more questions, who can I contact?

We’re happy to help! Contact us here:

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